Sarah Buckley is one of E4’s star performers and consistently smashes her recruitment targets by providing an unbeatable service to both clients and candidates. Coming from the North of England, Sarah arrived in Sydney in 2017 and now calls Australia her home. In only eighteen months, Sarah has started a brand-new desk for E4 and has blown everyone away with her performance and continual growth.


This week, E4’s director Edward sat down with Sarah to ask a few questions…..


What do you enjoy about living in Australia? 

The lifestyle here is just amazing! I have always enjoyed being outdoors and here you can be outside most of the year. There is also just so much to see and do. I’ve been here two years and there is still so much to explore.


You’ve been away from the UK for a while now, what do you miss the most from ‘back home’?

The hardest part is definitely being away from family! However second to this is traditional English food, for anyone that knows me this is very important to me and Australia need to do this better!


You now have solid experience in your role, what made you go into a recruitment job in the first place?

I started out as an administrator out of University which coincidentally was in a recruitment office. I helped out other recruiters and eventually became one myself. I initially loved the idea of being rewarded with commission for hard work. In other roles I had worked in I always gave what seemed more than everyone else but received the same salary. Also the longer I worked in recruitment the more I enjoyed the people/relationships side. There is no better feeling than when you secure a role for a candidate that you know will make a huge difference to their life.  


You have been hugely successful since joining E4, what qualities do you think makes a good recruiter?

Generally speaking I think a good recruiter is someone who can be incredibly reactive, resilient and adaptable to change. The role is everchanging as what is required of you one day can completely change the next day! You need the ability to prioritise in a way which creates a great client experience and also maximises your own earnings. This can be a tough balancing act! However I think the true measure of a recruiter is often their communication. Someone who is able to keep on top of this, keeping candidates and clients in the loop but managing expectations at the same time is a great recruiter!


So carrying on from that, what advice would you give to junior recruiters?

The best advice I can give is to just keep trying! There have been many times in my career so far that I have failed. I have often thought about leaving recruitment “because I thought it wasn’t for me”. It is a common misconception that recruitment is only for people with pushy personalities or real talkers. I would argue this is not true. Your success will ultimately be based on your openness to learning new ways of doing things and truly stepping out of your comfort zone. The mistake I made and most junior recruiters make is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Although this is a bit cliché it is very true. The second I started doing things differently, listening to other recruiters and actively seeking out feedback I gained the success I wanted.  It is tough to hear what you are doing wrong but in the end you will reap the benefits. Recruitment is tough no doubt but something my mum says that could not be more relevant is “you just need to build a bridge and get over it”. Rejection and what seems like “losing” happens every day but your ability to move on and focus on the next thing whether it be a new role, candidate or client will determine your success.


Let’s pretend you never took that first role in recruitment. What path do you think your career would have taken instead?

My aspirations were always in Psychology and my plan was always to go into the Organisational Psychology field. After completing my undergraduate degree in this area I always imagined that was how my career would go as a high performer in my year. However, I am glad my career steered in this direction as the experience and skills gained in recruitment you really cannot pick up elsewhere. Despite my career in recruitment, I will always have a passion for Psychology and I will be commencing part-time postgraduate studies next year only due to my success here. I have chosen Workplace Psychology as specialism which I feel will help me to professionally develop within recruitment and allow me to keep learning!


And finally……What changes do you think we will see in the recruitment world in the next few years?

I definitely see there being a need for more intelligent recruitment solutions that we already see in the UK. I.E. IT and recruitment service offerings. Also, I can see this becoming more competitive as Sydney continues to grow. I think the increased competition will eventually be a good thing as only the best recruiters will remain in the market. 


It's great getting to know more about E4 consultants! Look out for more E4 interviews coming soon :-)