*** Give this a go for TEAM BUILDING! ***

We implemented this 'game' in our office last week which is all about team building or more precisely 'psychological safety' in the workplace.

After hearing that Google had spent MILLIONS of dollars researching what makes the BEST WORKING ENVIRONMENT, this is what they came up with. Having an environment where employees feel happy to express themselves and share information is key according to the research. So Jason Treu (Executive Coach based in the US) came up with 'Cards against mundanity' to improve 'psychological safety' in the workplace....and we gave it a go!

This is a question & answer based activity where each employee answers a question about themselves. It certainly gets everyone out of their comfort zone and each person can decide how deeply they go with their answers.

Questions include:

 - If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
 - Are you closer to your mother or father? Why?
 - What is the one thing that makes you feel alive?


Everyone at E4 was pretty nervous but overall it was a great activity to do and was awesome to see staff share stories about his or her life. Not for everyone but I would certainly encourage you to give it a go!! Here is a link if you want to download the game and give it a go with your team - https://jasontreu.com/cardsagainstmundanity/

*One tip, do it at the pub so that everyone has a bit of Dutch courage!