2018 marked the 7th year for E4 Recruitment and what a year it was!

Still based in our Stanmore office we saw our team grow from six people to ten! Impressive growth but it did mean we had reached capacity in the current office and it was time to start thinking about a new home (more on that later)....



Much more than an Aged Care specialist
One of the most significant changes this year was our growth into new areas related to the healthcare and medical sectors. We had purposely focused on aged care since 2012 but we now have a much bigger service offering. 2018 saw us move into Allied health recruitment (Physiotherapists/ Occupational Therapists/ Speech Pathology), Wellbeing recruitment (Mental Health, Social workers, psychologists) and also General Practitioner recruitment. It has been awesome to diversify and offer a service to a range of sectors.



New faces join the E4 team
The move into new areas was made possible through hiring four new consultants this year. 
We first welcomed two juniors to the team in Tina and Alice. This was the start of their recruitment career and they enthusiastically went about learning the skills needed to be successful in recruitment. Later in the year we then welcomed Scott and Dan who both had solid recruitment experience behind them. It has been great to see the change in dynamics and culture as our headcount grew! One thing that is so important to us at E4 is the day to day culture and we are happy to report that the vibe in here is what makes it so special!


Our 'Culture Club' has really taken off
We introduced Culture Club at the end of last year and it really has been so much fun this year!
CC involves two consultants being drawn out of a hat each month, they then choose the activity that everyone will do. No-one else in the office knows what it is until they arrive on the day, the idea being that it can be absolutely anything and some people will do things that they wouldn't normally do. Nothing better than going outside of your comfort zone!
Monthly activities this year included axe throwing, lawn bowls, a pottery class, a trip to Cafe Sydney, a painting class, gold driving range and a fun afternoon at Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq.


It's the SUCCESS that sets your culture
We have always worked hard to make the E4 office the best possible place to work. We are always looking at ways to make improvements and that's why we have early finishes, birthdays off, one day working from home, 50% commission, staff days out and more!
But most importantly, it is that continual focus on performance that keeps everyone happy in the office. We are pleased to report that 2018 was a very successful year for E4 as revenue increased by over 30%. This was during a time where there was plenty of change happening, new areas starting and new people joining. A massive shout out to every member of the E4 team for their hard work and dedication this year :-)


A year for babies!
It wasn't just the office that grew but families also! 
In April, Candice's first child Ross arrived. We were all sad to see Candice head off on maternity but also so excited for her to start a family. We expect to see her back in the office at some point in 2019! It was then Edward's turn to give the parenting a go and along came baby Mila in October! Some recruiter stars of the future maybe?


End of Financial year trip, Melbourne Cup and Christmas Boat party
We promise we really do work hard here at E4....and that's why we give ourselves permission to have some fun along the way too!
When it comes to milestone times of the year we feel it is important to get together and have a good time away from the office.
In 2018, we had an awesome trip away to the Hunter Valley for our end of financial year trip. This included two nights in a beautiful house and a full days tour around the wineries. For Melbourne Cup, we all got dressed up and again went to the Loft Bar in Sydney for Champagne and Canapes...no big wins sadly! To finish the year in style we spent the afternoon on a boat around Sydney's harbour....best Christmas party yet!


Charity, stand up desks, headsets, pets in the office, vent box and outdoor furniture
It's the little things that make a difference! We saw more pets make a visit to the office, Ed dyed his hair blonde for charity and the new vent box was a great idea! Recruitment can be a stressful job so having the opportunity to vent was great. There were some funny meetings where some of the vents were read out....
It only took about six hours for some of the team to put the office furniture together but it was worth it for the outdoor lunch area! The stand-up desks and headsets helped to keep people on the move also :-)


What can we expect in 2019?
Next year will be massive for us at E4 as we move to our new office in the city. The new office is about four times the size of our current space and so we will be looking at some accelerated growth. With this, we would like to recruit in more sectors and continue the expansion that we have enjoyed this year.


So there you have it, 2018 was a really busy year for us!
We are all certainly ready for the Christmas break but also excited to come back in 2019. A big shout out to everyone that we worked with in 2018! It has been great to work with you all, build relationships and experience success together.