Luke Thompson recently assisted a doctor to be placed in a locum role. His experiences with locum work have been incredibly valuable and insightful, and it's the discussions like this that help us to understand the industry at a more personal level. Working locum allows an individual to travel across Australia to incredibly unique locations, whilst still progressing their career.  The experiences gained in locum positions are ones that cannot be replicated in a permanent or metro-based role. Here are the answers he gave. 

1. Biggest challenge you've experienced as a locum? 

Locum biggest challenge - something that comes to mind is working with staff in a high turn-over environment. Staff sometimes have to work together in tense situations eg trauma in ED, yet may have not worked together for long or at that institution for long. Invariable misunderstandings, personality clashes etc arise and by the time they get sorted it's time for the staff to move-on to their next assignment. So it can be challenging dealing with a new team on a frequent basis, not something a permanent doctor necessarily has to dealt with.

2. Most attractive Locum you've done so far? 

I loved working in Mount Barker ED and GP - the team was great, people just accepted me and were grateful that I'd been able to come and help out. A nurse going on holidays even offered my wife and I her house to stay in which we gladly accepted. 

3. Why do you locum and how does it benefit your life? 

Locuming allows me to spend 10 months of the year overseas in South Sudan where my wife and I have founded a children's home called New Jerusalem Family Home. I don't think there's any other job that allows you the flexibility that locuming does. It's given us the chance to try something totally different which has been an amazing adventure.

4. What experiences have you had as a Locum that you wouldn't necessarily have experienced otherwise? 

As a locum I intentionally vary the type of work I do and in the past 10 years I've worked in dozens of places doing incredibly varied roles including Aboriginal health care, remote ED work, mine-site occupation medicine, private city GP, and many others.


If you are interested in medical locum work and seeing what opportunities are currently available, reach Luke Thompson and the medical team with the following contact numbers and emails. 

Luke Thompson: / 0402 233 901

Joe Kennedy: / 0498 454 969

Daniel Harvey: / 0415 223 229

Sarah Curran: / 0414 158 341