Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since our very own Sandra Adzic hit the five-year mark as E4.
It’s given us a bit of time to think about the impact our first-ever employee has had on the business and it’s been quite a ride! 

E4 Directors Edward and Josh wanted to share some thoughts and memories from those last five years.

From Nike to recruitment.

It was 2016 when we had decided it was time to take the plunge and hire our first employee. We had only been going for four years at that point, we don’t mess about! 

With no real plan in place, we popped up an advert for a junior recruiter to join us at our little office in Stanmore. To us, it was an amazing opportunity to embark on an epic journey with two young lads looking to do big things. Looking back, I get why we didn’t have an abundance of eager recruitment consultant wannabes knocking down the door to join us.

However, we were very lucky when a confident young lady came bouncing through the door for her first interview. Boasting a solid background working in her local Nike store, we knew this chatty individual was the one for us and so we offered the job pretty quickly! 

Self-assured from day one.

It’s safe to say it just felt right from the start with Sandra and we never looked back.

For such a young girl, it stood out straight away that she had that unwavering confidence no matter who she spoke with on the phone. Graduate or large organisation CEO, it was all the same to Sandra and she treated everyone with the same enthusiasm and friendliness. A great quality and something that fitted the brand we wanted to create at E4 perfectly. 

Being in a small office of just three meant that everything could be heard and Sandra really took advantage of this. We taught her the role as best we could but quite often we didn’t need to. She would regularly come out with impressive things on the phone as Josh and I looked at each other a little confused “did you teach her that”? She would then explain that she had heard one of us say it and thought it was something she could use. Perfect! 

Serbia and the ‘Sandrisms’

To us, Sandra was just a very Aussie girl who had worked hard to gain her Bachelors of Commerce degree and was now kicking off her career in the world of recruitment. We often forgot that her family has migrated from Serbia and this is something that Sandra is very proud about. Well, we would forget this until the occasional call came through from family on her mobile phone! We were so used to the soft, smiley and energetic voice but when Serbian Sandra came out speaking in a different language it seemed so different. 
She would put the phone down and I would ask  “are you OK, that sounded very intense”. She would say “oh no not at all, that was just my dad and we were discussing what a lovely day it is”. Turns out the Serbian language, accent and tone was different to what we were used to with Sandra!

Then the best thing happened and we started to see the amazing way with words that Sandra has!
It started slow but grew quickly to the point where these ‘phrases’ that Sandra came out with affectionately became known as ‘Sandrisms’. Like the rest of us, sometimes you are chatting away and you come out with a phrase that you have heard before but you don’t quite get it right.

What makes Sandra’s ability so unique is that she says it with so much confidence that it slips through unnoticed at first. The rest of us might stumble a bit if we say something we aren’t 100% on but not Sandra. She delivers it with so much conviction that you really have to think hard about it.
Here are a few of our favourites:

“Tickle your boat”

“Got your wires twisted”

"Bomb-ber Jacket" 

"Toy Boy draws" (Instead of Tall Boy)

The joy that these Sandrisms bring to the office will never be forgetten.

On a serious note…

We love to tease Sandra and let me tell you, she gives as good as she gets! 
What is undeniable is the positive impact she has had on E4 and that we wouldn’t be where we are without her. 

Culture is everything at a company, especially when you are small (Sandra is also really small by the way!). Her being there from the start has meant that we could always rely on having a bubbly, warm and inviting personality in the office. This made growth so much easier as she would make every new person feel comfortable and at home. 

Sandra has always been a consistent performer also so her contribution in all areas has been huge. We have enjoyed watching this young girl take on her first career role and grown with us along the way. She has been there through all of the ups and downs with us and her loyalty is a quality that stands out. We have certainly had a lot of experiences together.

Moving office, growing a division, going from three to twenty-three employees, trips away to the snow, Gold Coast and Hunter Valley, weddings, births, conferences, promotions, awards, rebrands, client visits in Melbourne, team events including axe throwing, pottery, sushi making and more…wow, a lot has happened in five years! 

She has seen us at our best and seen us at our worst but most importantly, she has always been there. 

A massive congratulations on your five year anniversary Sandra, what you have done for E4 certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed and we are proud of everything you have achieved :-)